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Love God/Love Others! 10-26-2014

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

A true story:
An eight-year-old boy had a young sister who was dying of leukemia. His parents explained to him that she needed a blood transfusion and that his blood was probably compatible. They asked if they could test his blood. Sure, he said. The results showed that his blood would be a good match. Then they asked if he would give his sister a pint of his blood, that it could be her only chance of living. He said he would have to think about it overnight.
The next day he went to his parents and said he was willing to donate his blood to his sister. So they took him to the hospital where he was put on a gurney beside his sister. Both of them were hooked up to IVs. A nurse withdrew a pint of blood from the boy, which was then put into the girl’s IV. The boy lay on his gurney in silence while the blood was dripped into his sister. The doctor came over to see how he was doing. The boy opened his eyes and asked, “How soon until I start to die?”
Every word of the gospel comes down to love. Love that is simple

Walk Your Talk 9-25-2011

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

There are two important themes that are very clear to me in our gospel. I’d like to share them with you.
First – Do what you say – Walk your talk. Connect what we do here in worship with our rituals to our everyday lives and our actions.
A chaplain on a battlefield came across a young man who was lying in a shell hole, seriously wounded, “Would you like me to read you something from this book, the Bible? He asked. “I’m so thirsty; I’d rather have a drink of water,” the soldier said. Hurrying away, the chaplain soon brought the water. Then the wounded man said, “Could you put something under my head?
The chaplain took off his overcoat, rolled it up, and gently placed it under the man’s head for a pillow. “Now,” said the suffering man, “if I had something over me – I’m cold.”
The chaplain immediately removed his jacket and put it over the wounded man to keep him warm. Then the soldier looked the chaplain in the eye and said, “If there’s anything in that book that makes a man do for another all that you have done for me, then please read it, because I’d love to hear it.”
What effects people most is often caught rather than taught.
Having God on our lips is not enough – we need God in our heart.
2nd Theme: Even if we said NO to God it is never too late to say yes, to change.
A man turned to drink
He also turned from God and his family.
One day while walking along,
Thinking about how his life turned out,
He saw a bent, rusty nail in the gutter.
It reminded him of himself and his life.
So he picked it up and took it home.
Placing the nail on an anvil, he began
To straighten it out and clean it up.
An hour later, it looked almost new again.
Then it occurred to him.
He could straighten out and clean up
His own life in the same way.
That thought triggered his conversion.
He turned away from drink and back to God
And his family.
Today, he keeps that nail,
Straightened and cleaned, in his wallet.
Was there a time when I was almost like that bent, rusty nail?
It is never too late to change.
I close with this story. Someone once called a pastor to say he wanted to join the parish. He went on to explain, however, that he did not want to have to go to Mass every Sunday, study the Bible, be a lector or an usher, visit the sick, or help out with CCD classes.
The pastor commended him for his desire to be a member of the parish, but told him that the church he wanted was located across town. The man took the directions and hung up.
When he arrived at the address the pastor gave him, he came face to face with his own apathetic attitude. For there stood an abandoned church and several other buildings, all boarded up and ready for demolition.
1) Walk your talk 2) It is never too late to change 3) Live your faith 4) Lord help us – help ourselves