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Still Waters 2-5-2012

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Many years ago, there were three friends who wanted to devote themselves to the work of God.
The first devoted himself to the work of making peace among those who were in conflict, helping to reconcile the estranged and alienated.
The second opened a small house to care for the sick and dying.
The third went off to live a life of prayer in the desert. The first friend worked tirelessly to help warring factions settle their differences, but could not resolve them all. Tired and frustrated over the wars he could not prevent, he went to visit his friend who was caring for the sick, but found that he, too, was exhausted and discouraged in the holy work he had taken on. So the two friends decided to go spend time with their friend in the desert.
They told their friend the monk of their difficulties and frustrations and asked if he had dealt with the same discouragement. The monk was silent for a time; then he poured water into a bowl. “Look at the water,” he said. The water was turbulent and moving. A few minutes later he asked them to look at it again. The water had settled down – and they saw their own reflections in the still water as if they were looking in a mirror.
“In the constant motion of our own lives lived among others, we do not see our own journey very well; but if we embrace the tranquility found in the stillness of prayer, we begin to picture where we are and where we are going.”
Throughout his Gospel, Mark portrays Jesus as being uncomfortable with his growing renown as a miracle worker and healer. Despite the many demands made of him and his dedication to his work of preaching and healing, Jesus makes time to let the waters still, to retreat to a quiet place to let his own spirit settle, to find within himself God’s grace and blessing to continue his work. In our own over-scheduled, stress-filled lives, we can drown unless we let the waters still and stop to see ourselves clearly in those waters. To seek out a “desert” place of our own demands a special humility that recognizes God in our midst and understands that we are called to be the means of his compassion in our world wherever we find ourselves.
I pray with you today that we have the courage to let the waters of our lives go still!