A Conversation 11-4-2018

One day God and Jesus were having a conversation with each other…:
Jesus: “You know our book has been out a long time and we have never made any revisions. Don’t you think we ought to consider some?”
God: “I’ve been rather pleased with it; why change a good thing?”
Jesus: “Well, we are in the age of computers and satellites. Lots of things have happened since Moses and the commandments and my sermon on the mountain. I’m not sure we’re communicating with people the way we ought in this modern era.”
God: “What would you suggest? Starting over?”
Jesus: “No, just modernizing. People don’t read a lot anymore. They’re TV watchers. The Bible scares them because it’s quite wordy,”
God: “Are you trying to tell me we ought to condense it?”
Jesus: “Reader’s Digest tried that already, but that didn’t help our readership.”
God asked: “Well, what’s the solution then?”
Jesus: “Brevity.”
God: “You mean like commercials?”
Jesus: ‘Yes, but not as boring as commercials. People stopped watching commercials with the invention of remote control. They just switch channels.”
God: “How brief can we get?”
Jesus: “‘Love God’ and ‘Love your neighbor.’”
God: “Then what?”
Jesus: “Rent advertising space and time.”
God: “That’s too expensive.”
Jesus: “Then re-do nature. Print the message on every cloud and on every leaf.”
God: “That’s too time consuming. We’d have to re-do it with every change of season.”
Jesus: “Print it on the hands of every newborn, ‘Love God’ on the right and ‘Love neighbor’ on the left. They go Hand in Hand; you can’t have one without the other.”
God: “I already did something like that, but I wrote it on their hearts.”
Jesus: “How were people supposed to read it hidden there?”
God: “I guess I was a little naïve, I didn’t expect it to remain hidden. I thought it would be quite obvious in the way people loved me and one another.”


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