A Conversation with Anna 2-2-2020

Priest: One thing you can always find in Catholic churches is…..old
ladies. Here in the United States, and in many other
countries, old ladies are the strength and the hard workers of
many communities and churches. The same must have been
true in the time of Jesus. When Mary and Joseph took their
baby Jesus to the temple, one of the people they found there,
who touched them very much, was Anna. It would be good
to talk to her for a few minutes.
Priest: Good morning Anna. We’re happy to have you here.
Anna: Thank you. As the scripture says, I never tire of
being in the temple, worshipping, fasting, and telling people
about this holy child who brings salvation and deliverance to
all people.
Priest: Anna, has your life been difficult?
Anna: Yes, it has! I was married as a young girl to a fine young
man. We were poor, but we were so much in love, and
found such joy in our children. Then, after only 7 years of
marriage, my husband died. I was so grief stricken! I miss
him still. But that was just the beginning. In those days there was no
welfare or public assistance. In less than a year my children
and I were reduced from poor to beggars. It was so difficult
for me not to be able to buy the nice things for my children
that all the other kids had.
It wasn’t easy to raise the children with no father and no
income. But God helped me.
Priest: Yes, God must have helped you, Anna. Here you
are 84 years old. God has helped you through many troubles.
How did you ever survive so much?
Anna: The Bible gives the answer. It says I was always in the
temple, worshipping God and praying. I stayed close to God,
and God helped me. In my experience, old people either
become bitter with age, or wise. If we stay close to God, we
get wise.
Priest: Anna, I have a question. On the day Mary and Joseph and
the baby Jesus came to the temple, there must have been
priests, scribes, Pharisees and so many others present. How
is it that only you and old Simeon recognized Jesus as God? Anna: Suffering makes you either wise or bitter. If you are close to
God, your suffering makes you wise. My suffering taught
me to look deep into things, beneath appearances. There are
some things that only years can teach you, not books or
Priest: Anna, do you have any advice to give to the people in church
Anna: Yes, I do! Stay close to God and close to church. We all
have to suffer at times. You will have to suffer too. But if
we stay close to God, your suffering will not make you bitter.
It will make you wise. Children, pay attention to the old
people. Very often they see and understand things you are
too young to see and understand. Old people, be patient with
the children. They are God’s gift to us, and our
And everyone. Don’t be alarmed when suffering comes.
God is always there to help you. Tell everyone about God’s
May God bless you all!


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