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To Give Birth to God 1-1-2017

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Ever since her mother tried on the gloves in the department store, her ten-year-old daughter decided this would be her present to her. For weeks, she put aside part of her allowance; she earned extra money doing chores and running errands for neighbors. On Christmas morning, she saw the delight on her mother’s face as she opened the box. In the joy she experienced in bringing joy to her mom, God was born.

A group of volunteers from a local church have spent the past dozen weekends at the building site. Under the direction of the professional carpenters and trades folk who have donated their time, as well, they framed the house, enclosed the building with sheet rock, painted and tiled, and are now completing the finishing work. Whether they realize it or not, they are building more than a house for a family in need: They are making a dwelling place for God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    One night a week, she returns to her classroom at the local high school. Her students are not teenagers but adults who never finished high school and immigrants from Latin America and Asia. Together they struggle through vocabulary, spelling and literature. With each new word understood and passage grasped, this young teacher gives birth—to God.
The great Dominican theologian Meister Eckhart preached that “we are all meant to be mothers of God” for “God is always waiting to be born”. God seeks to be born in our own loveless stables and forgotten caves; God waits to come to life in Bethlehem’s of anger and hopelessness; God makes a dwelling place for himself in the Nazareth’s of our homes, school and workplaces. On this first day of 2012, we honor Mary, the Mother of God, under her most ancient title, that of Theotokos, the Greek word for “bearer of God”. In baptism into the life of Mary’s child, we are called to be “bearers of God”—to give birth to God, everyone of us, each in our own way.
I close, today the New Year 2017 lies before us like a blank canvas. So many possibilities—more than just the simple resolutions we steadfastly keep until kickoff time of today’s first football game. But a whole new year, an entity of time, begins today. We Christians believe that God has sanctified all time in his work of creation and his recreation of the world in Christ. May this new year, be truly new for each one of us—a time for renewal, for making this year a year of peace in our hearts and homes, for becoming the people of compassion God calls us to become. And may we always remember that every day can be a new start, that God enables us to always begin a new canvas, that we can erase the crooked lines and the clashing colors to begin a new work of art reflecting the beauty and light of God’s life and love. Jesus—Be born again and again through us. Amen