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Impossible 12-18-2016

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

In a lot of homes I’m sure there are certain words we do not allow to be used; vulgar words, bad words.
I was in a home where the mom had an allergy to the word “Hate.” It could be as simple as, “I hate spinach,” or more serious as, “I hate my teacher.” This word would bring a lengthy dissertation about how unhealthy that word was.
There is a word I believe God doesn’t care for. It’s not a swear or a vulgar word; it is an everyday word that people misuse terribly. The word is “IMPOSSIBLE.”
Yesterday we said,
1. It’s impossible for people to fly.
2. It’s impossible to make boats that travel underwater.
3. It’s impossible for someone to walk on the moon.
4. It’s impossible for the Berlin wall to come down.
5. It’s impossible for Russia and the US to ever be friends.
6. It’s impossible for the Red Sox to win the World Series.
Today we say:
1. It’s impossible for the Jews and the Arabs to make peace.
2. It’s impossible to get rid of gang violence.
3. It’s impossible for California to absorb all these new immigrants.
4. It’s impossible to find a cure for AIDS.
5. It’s impossible to create a society where no one goes without basic food and shelter.
6. It’s impossible for Father Ron to lose weight.

God scorns that word and the attitude behind that word, God who alone is wise.
A person might say:
1. It’s impossible for me to get over my grief and move on, especially during the holidays.
2. It’s impossible for me to deal with my addictions.
3. It’s impossible for me to temper my self destructive vice.
4. It’s impossible for me to make peace and develop as a healthy human being.
But today these voices who shout the word “Impossible” are contradicted by an angel flying down from heaven, and the old post menopausal lady swelling with life, and the teenage Virgin Mary with the word of God resting in her womb. These three join together to say: “If it is the will of God, then it’s possible–nothing is impossible with God. Let us remember! Let us Believe!