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Easter People 4-16-2017

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

I came across an article about a parish in Lafayette section of Jersey City. They were involved in an unusual Good Friday procession. The parish wanted to connect the sufferings of Christ to the sufferings of their neighborhood. Several of the 14 stations in the outdoor procession were at the homes in the neighborhood where muggings, fires, murders, had taken place over the last year.

A. The station where Simon helps Jesus carry his cross took place at the home of a teenage boy who risked his life to help a man who been mugged and left for dead.

B. The 12th station marking the death of Jesus, was held in the front of the house of Francis McMahon, an 84 year old woman who was murdered in her own home 3 weeks before Good Friday.
I thought to myself what a creative and powerful way to link together the suffering, pain and death of Jesus with the suffering, pain and death of the world you and I live in today.