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Just Plain Nuts 6-9-2024

Saturday, June 8th, 2024

I warned him that this could end badly, but he just laughed me off.
He has no one but himself to blame. Now he’s desperate for my help –
but I’m done. Call him back? You’re out of your mind.
I’m the mother of two children under the age of eight and I’m at
the office a minimum of nine hours a day – and I bring home a bag full
of work each night. You’re asking me to give some time to a parish
ministry? Forgive me saying this, but you’re out of your mind.
Don’t get me wrong – we’d like to help. But things have been
rough lately. We’re barely getting by each month. Asking us to donate?
We’d have to be out of our minds.
Yeah, many of the demands made on us are unreasonable,
unrealistic, totally beyond us. And yet….
Despite a long day at work and a cold coming on, it’s her parish’s
night to staff the soup kitchen. People are depending on her, so with
extra Kleenex, water and Tylenol, she heads downtown. She’s got to be
out of her mind.
He’s in the middle of a meeting with prospective buyers. This deal
has been in the works for months. But the prospective buyers insist on
changes to the original agreement. There’s still some money to be
made, but a lot of good and talented employees will lose their jobs and
the customer service protocols he worked so hard to establish will be
seriously compromised. So, he walks away from the deal. The guy’s
out of his mind.
The kids love hockey, but things were getting out of hand. Every
weekend from October to April was spent at hockey rinks, some a two-
hour drive from their home. The games were great, but making it work
was taking a toll on everyone. So, Mom and Dad put on the breaks.
Their kids are all great skaters, the engines of their teams, but this wasn’t
working for their life as a family. They must be out of their minds.
Yeah, we have to be “out of our minds” to do as Jesus would do.
But to follow Jesus means putting aside the mindset of: me-first, it’s not
my fault, take responsibility for yourself, my time is too important, for
the likes of you. For the sake of what is right and just, for the sake of
those we love, for the sake of the common good, God asks us to act as
Jesus would, even if those around us think we’re “out of our minds”.
But what others consider crazy can be the wisest, sanest and most
faithful thing we do.

Get Ready! Here Comes Lent! 2-19-2023

Friday, February 17th, 2023

Let’s Be Nosey and Eavesdrop on a Conversation….
Emily looked at the calendar and sighed “Oh, no!” she moaned.
It’s that time of year again. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February
“Lent,” I declared optimistically, “is a marvelous opportunity, a
wonderful gift, a gracious invitation and God’s blessing of good news.”
“Bah!” Emily responded like an unrepentant Scrooge! And in rapid
order, she ticked off her objections to Lent.
“Too restricting! A down-time! Old hat! Sad, dark, depressing…”
“Ooohh,” I said to myself. “Here’s a clear case of gloom and doom
rather than an outlook of positive possibilities. I had better call the
Spiritual Medics at 911…
Rather than a forbidding fence [holding one back] the 911 spiritual
medics said, “Lent is an open door for personal growth.
 It is not a depressing down-time, but God’s gracious invitation to use
one’s time for things that really count.
 This Lent is not a “been there, done that” but a clean slate for a new

Not a sad, dark, or bothersome season, but one to move oneself
forward for a fuller friendship with God, with self, and with others.
Lent is a gift to realize who we are and where we are in God’s sight.
It is a chance to change; it is a time to recharge our spiritual energies.
It is an opportunity for new life.
 Lent is a call to make use of the time before us—it’s not so much
something we’ve “got to do” as what we “get to do.”
For Lent to come alive—this year—we need to be specific in our
intentions and actions. We cannot vaguely say, “this lent will be
different” or “I’m going to be a better Christian. Such intentions sound
good, but often they tend to evaporate like a puddle of water beneath a
hot sun.
To help us with this, I have a challenge for you—the challenge is to
remember this number: 144. In a 24-hour period there are 144 ten-
minute slots of time.
For Lent this year, take TWO 10-minute slots of time per day and
devote these two ten-minute slots to the things of God.
Let me toss out a few practical suggestions:
 Begin each day with a prayerful and thoughtful sign of the cross.
 Take time each day to be quiet in God’s presence.
 Read a paragraph from scripture. Sit with it—break it open in our
daily life.
 Get rid of put downs, especially in our family.
 Shed false images of yourself. Be honest!

Fast from prejudices, resentment, destructive gossip, unhealthy
 Give up possessiveness of things or of people.
 Stop being imprisoned by memories of past injuries.
 Stop comparing yourself to others. Be yourself!
 Communicate with a friend.
 Remember a grace received—give thanks.
 Laugh for 10 minutes a day: especially at yourself!
 Begin fresh each day.
 Appreciate your God-given gifts.
 Use your gifts to help someone each day of Lent.
 Be a caring and forgiving presence in your family.
 Practice loving concern for poor people.
 Share God’s love by random acts of kindness.
 Care for the earth—recycle!
 Turn off the TV! Talk more. (By the age of 50, most Americans
have watched over 9 years of TV!)
There are so many more concrete and practical ways to be about
the things of God this Lent. It is time to recharge our spiritual
To have an opportunity for new life—a fuller friendship with God.
A commitment to TWO 10-minute slots a day can change our lives!

Lucky Thing 11-20-2022

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Ever had the experience – I know I met this person somewhere
before but I don’t remember where or when. Then it all clicks, I
Somewhere in heaven. When they first crossed paths, they didn’t
notice one another. It was only after sitting side by side at the same
dinner table several evenings in a row that they started turning their
heads a second time so as to almost say, “Don’t I know you from
somewhere?” Neither said anything. Then one evening they found
themselves facing one another across the table. Their eyes could not
help but meet and their faces had similar scars.
Finally, one said, “I’ve been noticing you for some time now. You
look so familiar, but I can’t place where we may have met. I thought
maybe it was in prison somewhere, but it wasn’t, because I never forget
a face I knew there.”
“Funny you say that, I had a similar feeling about you, but I can’t
place you. Anyway, my name is Joseph” – and he reached out across
the table to shake hands. When they clasped, they both remembered
immediately. The scars on the hands from the imprint of the nails – they
remembered their crosses!
“Now I remember you,” Joseph said. “We were crucified with that
fellow, Jesus.”
“That’s right,” Samuel piped in. “I’m surprised to see you in
heaven. You said some pretty rotten things to Jesus.”
“I know. I was scared senseless, but didn’t want to let go of my
macho image, so I took it out on Jesus.”
“Well, how did you get in here saying those things?”
“When I heard you admit your crime and ask for Jesus’ help, I
knew that’s really how I felt in my heart, but couldn’t find the words.
Lucky thing for me Jesus paid more attention to my heart than to my lips
that day.”
On this Feast of Christ the King, We are All very lucky people.
That Jesus, our Lord and God, pays more attention to our hearts than to
our lips. Lucky thing!