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Fourteen 12-19-2021

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

Mom picks up her 14-year-old daughter at school after soccer
Fourteen – that turbulent threshold between childhood and young
adult. It’s a tough age – for everyone. The once always happy child
often disappears in a state of isolated sullenness – and snaps at any
attempt to bring her back.
“Mom and Dad, you just don’t understand!”
So, Mom, being a wise Mom, keeps it light: How was your day?
“OK.” How did the math test go? “I think I did all right”. When’s
your next game? “Friday.”
Things are quiet for a while on the ride home. At one point, she
turns up the volume on the car stereo, “I like this song” she says, and
starts to sing along.
Mom knows that the next four years will go by in an instant: Next
year, high school. The year after that, she’ll get her license. In three
years, she’ll be looking at colleges. And then there will be a boyfriend
or three along the way If she’s scared, she’ll never let on. If she needs help, she’ll never
come right out and ask. Mom understands that. It would shock her
daughter to realize that her Mom was once 14 herself – and still
remembers what it was like.
So, Mom patiently is there for her 14-year-old, waiting to catch her
when she falls, to nudge her forward when she hesitates, to help pick up
the pieces when things fall apart. Mom answers any question with
gentleness but honesty, patiently but firmly explains the boundaries and
why they are there, affirms her daughter’s good decisions and has her re-
consider her bad ones.
And Mom takes satisfaction in knowing that there will come a time
when her daughter will do the same when her own daughter is
In Mary and Elizabeth’s meeting in today’s Gospel, in the car rides
Mom and her 14-year-old travel together, in our own interactions with
others, the Spirit of God is present in the healing, comfort and support
we can extend to one another in such moments. Some of our “visitations” can be wonderful, affirming moments of grace – and some
can be difficult and challenging struggles to find acceptance and understanding. In the light and hope of this holy season, may we “make
haste” to bring reconciling peace and healing justice in our meetings
with one another, in which the grace of God enables us to see one
another with the eyes of God.