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Symphonic Hope 6-10-2018

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

A renowned symphony conductor reflects on the dynamic of making music:
“A symphony orchestra is an amazing organism: so many different instruments and musicians playing together to create a single work of music.”
“The aim of the orchestra is not to win; the aim is to make sure that every voice is heard. If both the trumpet and the viola are going to be heard, the trumpet has to listen to the viola because the trumpet is much louder than the viola. This requires great discipline. An orchestra is a conversation about we.”
“So wouldn’t it be great if, instead of only talking about adding more, more and more to the bottom line, companies started a new conversation: We have enough of this; now, let’s have more of that or let’s build this. Today we live in a world where if one country goes down, we all go down. We need to understand that we all need to flourish in order for all of us to grow. That’s the symphony orchestra model. And that model can only be built by intelligent optimists who master the art of possibility for themselves and for everyone around them.”
Sometimes we act out of a self-centeredness that is of “Satan” and not out of the compassionate spirit of the Gospel we profess: without fail, the “house” we build out of arrogance and greed collapses in anger and hurt; the “symphony” we try to orchestrate from our own wants and interests disintegrates into a noisy tangle of out –of-sync instruments. If a house that is a real home is to stand, it must be constructed of forgiveness, humility, and generosity; if we are to play the music that God places in every human heart, we must welcome and encourage everyone to raise their voices and contribute the sound and skill of their instruments. Jesus’ life testifies to the reality that the “power” of “Beelzebub” cannot heal or restore or re-create—only the Spirit of God can bring about such transformation. Let the reconciling and loving Spirit of God be the architect of the “houses” we seek to make for ourselves and families, and the conductor of creation’s song of peace and healing sung by every human life and heart.