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Ash Wednesday 3-6-2019

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Throughout our life’s journey, we turn:
We turn left or right.
We turn to see who is talking to us, we turn to see what that noise was that startled us.
We watch the leaves turn color, the skies turn dark, our hair turn gray.
We turn over a new leaf, we turn the corner, we turn things over in our minds, and we turn the house upside down to find something we’ve lost.
We turn the pages, we turn on the light, and we turn on the juice.
Throughout our lives, we are constantly seeking, waiting and watching when, where and how to turn.
Lent is the season to turn. These 40 days call us to repentance and conversion – in Hebrew, the word for repentance is to turn, like the turning of the earth around the sun, like the turning of the soil before planting. May this Lent be a season for our turning: our turning away from what is evil and harmful toward what is good and life-giving; our turning away from ourselves toward the love that embraces all; our turning away from the pressures and demands of this world toward the ways of God.
May each of us make a small effort to turn to God with all our hearts – we will be overjoyed with all God will give us in return.