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All Saint 11-1-2020

Sunday, November 1st, 2020

I have always been drawn to the Feast of All Saints. It is a time to
remember with gratitude all those persons whose goodness has inspired
me in my beliefs and given me courage to act on what I believe. It is a
day to acknowledge that these holy men and women have helped me
find my own potential for goodness.
I think of “saints” as not only those women and men who have
been canonized by the church, but all people whose lives reflect the
goodness of God. Saints are not perfect people. They have their faults,
idiosyncrasies, and weaknesses. They have their own struggles and
difficulties. Even the canonized ones are noted to have been difficult to
live with because of some of their unique mannerisms. Yet, the saints
are people of integrity. They have a central focus at the core of their
lives: the love of God. They consistently choose to act out of that
central reality, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary their lives may
One of the finest books I have used for daily inspiration is Robert Ellsberg’s All Saints. In this book of 365 daily reflections on saints,
Ellsberg notes that the “communion of saints” mwas a vivid reality for the
early Christians. They would gather at the gravesites of martyrs to
remember the martyrs’ witness to the gospel and commemorate the
anniversary of their deaths. This ritual was the seed for the future feast
of All Saint’s Day. As we celebrate this feast on November 1, we gather
to commemorate not just martyrs or people we might tend to put on
spiritual pedestals, but all those people who have drawn us to God
because of who they were and how they lived. All Saints’ Day is an
excellent opportunity for us to be re-inspired by their virtuous lives and
to cherish the union we have with them.
Thank you, Heart of all Goodness, for each of these saints who
have been a part of my life in some way. Thank you for their witness
and inspiration. Thank you for how their life encourages me to live my
own in a better way. I renew my dedication to you and pray that their
qualities of goodness will continue to grow and mature in me. May your
love shine through us so that one day; we too, may be counted among the white-robed ones who stand before your throne.